How To Style Your Graphic Tee

How To Style Your Graphic Tee

If you have been following us closely, you will know that we have been working on new collections that will allow you to sport BODA SKINS styles throughout the year. Yes, our leathers, shearlings and the rest of our jackets in our collection are incredible, but we want to provide more. Our recent graphic t-shirt capsule is the latest step in doing so; with three new styles, we have supplied colour and funk, along with minimalism that can be stretched across a number of looks. Come rain or shine, of course a jacket is cool, but let’s make sure you have your layers covered, too.

Here, we want to give you some inspiration on how you can style your BODA SKINS t-shirts. Whether that’s with your iconic leather, your cosy shearling or your smooth varsity - you really can’t go wrong. But, if you want a bit of guidance on how you can style your graphic tees, then see below to have a look at how we would do it…

Kay Michaels x Wild Heart Tee

Of course, it wouldn’t be a style guide without including our world-famous and best-selling jacket, Kay Michaels. We recommend matching the KM with our Wild Heart graphic t-shirt. The latest version of Kay Michaels has improved detailing on the arms and side panels, while the interior is lined with premium satin features. Partnered with two inside pockets designed for all phones and card-holders, there are also zips on the jacket cuffs that can be adjusted; giving added functionality for layering. 

Through partnering this jacket with our ‘Wild Heart’ tee, you will be able to merge the coming of a pleasantly fitted jacket with the comfortable, oversized fit of the tee. The cracked free spirit design on the t-shirt also adds contrast, with its ribbed and distressed neckline making for the ultimate rock and roll look. The Wild Heart tee is crafted from 100% cotton and weighs at 200gms, sitting perfectly in the middle of being super heavy and super lightweight.

Cropped Biker x Punk Rock Tee

The tough-looking cropped biker is the perfect look to merge with our Punk Rock tee for the ultimate rockstar style. The jacket is crafted from heavy, chrome-free cow leather and features an asymmetrical zip and our favourite paisley lining. Its cropped, snug fit has been an instant hit with the new generation of biker streetwear and is the perfect emblem for biker outlaw. Tying in perfectly with the BODA SKINS ethos, rebellion, versatility and bad-ass are the only ways to describe this look. Through being styled by rockers in England, this jacket is a symbol of youth culture, with a mature edge.

Through partnering your Cropped Biker with our Punk Rock tee, you’re creating a rugged style, but one that could happily slide into casual and smart wear. Take this combo to the pub, or even to a five-star restaurant, it’s bound to work. The t-shirt is crafted from 100% organic cotton and once again has a distressed look on the hem and sleeves. 

Varsity Ecru x Outlaw Tee

Welcoming our latest release into the fold, our Varsity Ecru is the perfect jacket for a smart-casual look that can take you through any occasion. This jacket has been based on the designs from previous Varsity styles, the Ecru features a tanned appearance, with white leather sleeves. While also including leather piping detail around the armholes, it keeps the branding subtle with a tonal embroidered BODA SKINS badge being integrated into the back hem and front pocket. A textured elasticated rib has also been featured at the collar, hem and cuffs, along with two external pockets that have premium high-shine, gun-metal press studs.

Through partnering this jacket with an Outlaw Tee, it offers a sophisticated look. One that touches on minimalist and verve. Our Outlaw design adopts a distressed appearance, with the hem, sleeve and cuffs all nodding towards the vintage lifestyle. Taking centre stage, the cracked skull print comes in white, introducing itself as the first and most iconic BODA SKINS graphic